The Finally Finished Jacket!

So, I have at last finished the crochet biker jacket. Hurrah! Want to see it?

Crochet Biker Jacket 1

And yes, the camera is deliberately in front of my face. Have you tried to take a picture of yourself where the camera isn’t in front of your face? You get all sorts of kooky angles and expressions.

You can also see the photos that I posted on Instagram here and here.

I am so glad that it is finally done. I’ve hated it the whole way through, but now I kind of love it! It really has been a love/hate relationship.

The zips were a pain to put in, especially on the sleeves as the fabric moved / grew under the foot of the sewing machine. As mentioned before, I waited until it was finished before measuring it in order to determine the size of the zip needed (given that the one stated in the pattern was proving difficult to find). Fortunately I could use a slight shorter zip, although I had to settle for a plastic one as my local fabric shop didn’t have a metal one that was the right size. I could have looked elsewhere, but to be honest, by that point I just wanted the thing finished!

I had to add a little extra length to the sleeves before I started the shaping for the top, however in a twist of irony when it came to setting the sleeves in I had too much at the top. However a little pleating and all was well. It makes the tops a little puffy, which I like.

I had a vague notion to make it in a more spring / pastel colour too, but I am not sure I can go through all of that again!

I’ve also joined Ravelry, so I may see some of you over there (not sure what I’m doing with it yet). It automatically generated the name ‘Rambling Kirsten’ for me. It knows me so well already!

And finally – here’s one for Kate. Not quite Cousin It, but I needed to see what I was doing!

Crochet Biker Jacket 2